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Trend Spotting: Dessert Innovators

Posted on Jun. 2, 2017 / By Joanne Brown

Gaga over coco? These dessert connoisseurs have totally reinvented the dessert aesthetic forever in our eyes, minds and bellies. The luxury weddings & events industry is one that thrives on complete reinvention and/or brand new ideas. Whether it's a unique twist on a classic style or an avant-garde approach, one must always be bringing something creative to the table - in this case, quite literally. We've been following these stars of the sweets on social media and more for an up-to-date look at their latest creations. We're ready to introduce you to some of our faves. Don't be afraid to let us know your favorites in the comments!





Nectar & Stone - Caroline Khoo


Compartes Chocolates - Jonathan Grahm


Strawberries & Co. - Jamila Houchar


Kalabasa - Stanislava Kormanovskaya


Mochi Ice Cream - Frances Hashimoto