About JoAnne Brown - Luxury Destination Wedding Planner

JVB Design House is a luxury-focused firm of Planners and Designers specializing in magnificent Destination Weddings & Events across the globe. Turning ethereal visions into spectacular realities, we believe destination celebrations are an art form. We don’t simply plan and design them, we curate unforgettable experiences.

At the helm of it all is acclaimed A-List Destination Wedding Planner, Designer, and Author of Caribbean Wedding Style, JoAnne Brown. The design house works intimately with clients to craft an incredible occasion. Beginning with a request for proposal, our Planners will contact you to learn more about your needs and vision. Once qualified, we will work with you to put together a full plan, timeline and design. Most importantly, if your destination of choice has not yet been found, we will work with you to narrow down your dream destination. This will include a process of private site visits to the hand picked venues especially for you.

The most exciting phase of planning rests in the design process, wherein we craft the design based on evolving your desires into an exquisite design that truly reflects your personality. The process begins with an initial presentation of your vision board which will evolve into a complete and fully customizable digital rendering of your actual event, perfectly to scale and exquisitely detailed. After all, for the most discerning of luxury brides, it’s all in the details...

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"JoAnne Brown is the Caribbean’s most sought-after wedding creator, with the ability to beautifully bring every couple’s wedding vision to life in some of the world’s most extraordinary settings."
Carley Roney, Founder of The Knot


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